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Fire Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Fire Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

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The 8” fire seasoned cast iron skillet is hand-sanded before we season each by hand over open fires outside in the backyard. We only use organic flaxseed oil from North Dakota to coat these cast iron skillets with 6 - 8 coats between each firing.

12.5″ end to end, including handle
8.5″ spout to spout
8″ diameter
1.75″ high

This cast iron skillet was forged in Kaukauna, Wisconsin using grey iron on a B&P processing machine and poured by hand. The seasoned skillet is ready for use and you don't need to do any pre-seasoning or prep before cooking in it.

Please follow the care instructions included in your purchase to ensure your cast iron remains properly seasoned.  

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