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Q & A Coppersmithing 101

Q & A Coppersmithing 101

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Whether you have retinning questions, some trouble forming a piece of cookware, or want some in-person answers about the trade in general, I'm ready to answer to the best of my ability! I'll be in my copper shop LIVE, so I can pull out the machines from the 1700s while we talk, or even demo something special if things call for it. It's like being in the workshop with me...almost. :)

 The LIVE event will be held on THURSDAY APRIL 27, 2023 from 6pm - 7pm CST (that's 7-8pm EST / 4-5pm PST). I'll send you a link directly, and you'll be able to ask questions live with real-time answers, and interact and discuss. It'll be like a mini cookware convergence!

If you cannot attend, the entire Zoom will be filmed LIVE, and you'll be able to watch at your leisure, and then follow up with any questions via email to me directly. If you attend LIVE, you'll also get the link to refer back to as well.

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