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Q & A How to Cook in Copper

Q & A How to Cook in Copper

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Before I built copper cookware, I'd never cooked in it before. Honest. I didn't even know it needed to be lined with tin!

So, I learned on the fly and had to guess. I ruined some tin, used a lot of fire, and made mistakes. Now, almost a decade into building copper cookware, I'm excited to speak to the use, care, do's and don'ts of using copper cookware. Whether you have tin lined, stainless lined, or even some cast iron that's puzzling you on how to season, I'm ready to help you to the best of my ability!

The LIVE event will be held on TUESDAY MAY 23, 2023 from 6pm - 7pm CST (that's 7-8pm EST / 4-5pm PST). I'll send you a link directly, and you'll be able to ask questions live with real-time answers, and interact and discuss. It'll be like a mini cookware convergence!

If you cannot attend, the entire Zoom will be filmed LIVE, and you'll be able to watch at your leisure, and then follow up with any questions via email to me directly. If you attend LIVE, you'll also get the link to refer back to as well.

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