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Every piece of cookware is made to order. Once you place your order, I'll get cracking to make it and will provide the date and details about the build in your box. If you are looking for something unique, or that you saw on social media, send me a note to discuss your custom request!

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From handcrafted copper pots to hand-seasoned cast iron skillets, wooden spoons and... 

I'm Always Oversharing About Cookware

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about cookware before purchasing. I love talking coefficients, heat conductivity, and how to best care for your new wares.

  • House Copper Copper Cookware


    Copper items in the line are a 12" skillet, a 2 and 3 quart pot with matching lid, a copper cup, straws, souffle cup, 5-quart mixing bowl, egg spoon, and three types of cookie sheets.

  • House Copper cast iron skillets american made

    Cast Iron

    My 8" skillet comes either raw oiled (so you can do your own seasoning) and fire seasoned with organic flaxseed (so you can use it right away).

  • House Copper cookware and bakeware and spoons

    Pottery, Wood and Cotton

    I've paired with several American craftspeople to round out the cookware line with pottery, maple wooden spoons, and pure cotton dish towels.

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