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Copper 2 Quart Pot

Copper 2 Quart Pot

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My 2-Quart, 1.5mm copper pot is designed to match the original copper cookware built during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s in America. 

I wanted to create a piece of cookware that would easily serve 2-4 people, fit within a condo the same as it would a large home, and last generations. The 2-Quart copper pot is designed to match the type of colonial shaped, fur-trade era copper cookware often found in the early centuries of the continent.

2 quart capacity
Solid ductile iron ears; authentic mid-1800’s reproductions
1.5mm thick copper
Pure tin lining
6″ diameter (our lids fit both the 3qt and 2qt pots – lids sold separately)
5″ high

Please keep the care instruction card included in your purchase for any questions you have regarding the care of your copper piece. Dishwashers should be avoided.

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