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Copper Bowl

Copper Bowl

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My 5 quart copper bowl is hand-made in America, spun in 3mm thick copper with a hand-hammered handle made by a Vietnam veteran from Michigan.

5 quart capacity
Solid, hand-hammered, pure copper handles with copper rivets
3mm thick copper
4.5 lbs
10 3/4″ diameter
5.5″ high

Please see the care instruction card included in your order for any questions you have regarding the care of your copper piece. Dishwashers should be avoided unless you use very mild, non-abrasive natural soap. Please dry your copper carefully and thoroughly after washing.

To keep your copper looking new, avoid metal utensils whenever possible. As the copper is pure metal, it registers dead soft on Rockwell C, so it will scratch with the use of metal tools.

Enjoy cooking with the best type of cookware there is, tried and true centuries ago, and now available for you!

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