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Copper Cup

Copper Cup

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This cup was dubbed the “indestructible copper cup” by the guys in Ohio who spin some of the pieces for me. Our cups are hand-made in America and made to keep your drinks cold and are quite heavy.

3mm thick copper
1.17 lbs
3″ diameter
4″ high

Holds 12oz of liquid.

These copper cups come unlined. It is safe to drink out of unlined copper if you are using a neutral pH liquid and do not cook in your cup. (Most people don’t cook in cups!) To request custom work on the cups (tinning, handles, etc email

Please see the care instruction card enclosed in your oder for any questions you have regarding the care of your copperware. Dishwashers should be avoided unless you use very mild, non-abrasive natural soap. Please dry your copper cup carefully and thoroughly after washing.

To keep your copper looking new, avoid metal utensils whenever possible. As the copper is pure metal, it registers soft on Rockwell C, so it will scratch with the use of metal tools.

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