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Copper Garden Markers

Copper Garden Markers

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Did you know copper doesn't rust!? It doesn't! Of course, over time and with certain exposures, it can grow superficial verdigris (that green stuff), but it's one of the most sustainable materials I've found to use in the home garden. I've been super thrilled with my thick (.040) copper markers the past year, and have used them with joy. I'd love to share that joy with you!

You will receive twelve (12) 4" tall x 1" thick copper markers in your order.

They are hand-cut and hand-stamped by me, Sara, your personal coppersmith.

Thick copper is quite pricey since the pandemic, but you will never need to buy new markers after you invest in theses!

The best / trickiest part of this order? You need to send a list of the 12 crops you'd like me to personally hand-stamp letter-by-letter on your markers. Please email me directly at for your personalized markers!

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