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Copper Ice Cream Maker

Copper Ice Cream Maker

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This is the traditional design for a 1700s ice cream maker, which is also called the sorbetiere. It was brought to America by Thomas Jefferson from France, and one of the more infamous dinners he hosted included ice cream made using parmesan cheese and the sorbetiere. 

Utterly traditional sorbetiere wares were made of tin, but they can be made of copper, which is what I offer - tin lined for food safety - but built 100% by hand using the 1700s and 1800s methods and tools to do so. 

**Please note my tin-lined copper sorbetieres are handmade AND made to order! Once your order is placed, it will take up to 4 months for it to be built and shipped!!

Sorbetiere imensions:

14" tall from base to top of handle

5.75" diameter

You will need a barrel or a 5 gallon bucket of ice to actually make traditional ice cream using the sorbetiere. You may watch the method of 1700s ice cream making here:

And access Jefferson's ice cream recipe can be found here:

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