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Handmade Holiday Tinsel

Handmade Holiday Tinsel

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PRE-ORDERS for 2024 are now open!

Order your box(es) to ensure you receive it before December!

Preorder link will only be open until April 1, 2024!!

This year, I'll make as many preorders as I receive before April 1, 2024.

In October, I will open it up for the general public for only 25 additional boxes. When those are's gone for the year!

These keepsake ornaments are hand-cut piece by piece, eyeballing it on the 1800s stomp shears. Then each piece is hand-twisted and formed one by one by one...

Made of tinplate, just like the old days, pieces are roughly 7" long. 

50 pieces per box...sometimes the kids add in an extra or two!

Box measures 8" x 5".

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