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House Copper & Cookware

Handmade Wooden Spoon

Handmade Wooden Spoon

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The House Copper spoons are made by a husband and wife team (who have 14 kids between them) in Indiana, and their small staff hand-turns and hand-sands each and every one. I've been to visit their shop in person, and covet their sanding machines.

Spoons are sold individually (not as a pack of 3) - please choose your size when ordering.

To retain the grain and integrity of your spoon, follow the care instructions here:

Hand wash in warm or hot water quickly after use
Use very little soap
Pat with a towel and then air dry
Do not leave sitting in water in a sink to soak
Do not put in the dishwasher
When they look a bit dull, swipe them with a very fine grit sandpaper.

(Don't worry - I'll include these care tips in your purchase!)

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