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House Copper & Cookware

Workshop 3: Tin & Build

Workshop 3: Tin & Build

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This is a 2-day workshop at my Fredonia, Wisconsin coppersmithing shop, with roughly 16 total hours in the copper shop. It's a more focused workshop, where we will be building cookware from scratch, tinning it, and getting it usable on a modern stove.

There will be a catered lunch provided both days as well as a few additional short breaks / snacks throughout. 

Be prepared to use many different machines (vintage and modern) and work with fire and molten metal. **Safety equipment will be provided.**

Class Dates:  Friday August 23 & Saturday August 24, 2024

What You Learn:

What all the 1700 - 1800s hand tools of the trade are, and their names; how to use all the hand tools and hands-on practice using them.

Also what are and how to use the 1700s - 1800s stakes - and practice using them.

And learn and practice with the vintage hand rotary machines.

Then, we'll move to the blacksmithing forge and practice with that.

You'll learn how to create a pattern to make a copper pot from scratch.

Then, build it entirely by hand.

You'll also use blacksmithing to make a handle and then attach it with copper rivets.

Lastly, you'll tin your pot. We'll make sure it doesn't leak!

A final buff and polish - and you'll have a homemade copper pot to use forever!

What You Take Home:

Two review booklets with all the information from the class for later study/use

A handmade tin-lined copper pot with a forged iron handle.

Knowledge that will live in your hands forever!

Additional Amenities:

All-day refreshments: coffee, tea, water, light snacks

Catered lunches both days

Dinner and drinks with Sara on Friday August 2nd.

Class Size Limit: 5 people

**Once you sign up for the class, we'll be in direct contact in the ensuing weeks. If you're traveling from outside Wisconsin, or don't live close, I'll also be sending you a bunch of information about travel details, hotel options, places to eat, and things to do/see.

Cancellation Policy:

Classes are fully refundable until 3 months before the start date. After that, up to six weeks prior to the event, you will receive 50% back of your purchase. Any cancellations six weeks or less before the event will result in a reimbursement of 25%. You may wish to consider purchasing your own travel insurance within 21 days after purchasing a workshop to recover most/all of your expenses in light of unforeseeable circumstances.

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