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Workshop 4: Coppersmithing 202

Workshop 4: Coppersmithing 202

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We'll spend 2 days together in an intensive class building upon any previous crafting, metal art, or smithing background you may have. Or, if you've spent time as a tinker, this is your time to really dig in and have some fun with a trade you've had as an interest or side hobby. Come on over, use my hard-to-find tools, and learn some more!

This is your chance to make a custom lid for an odd shape, or create something you've been wanting to build for ages, or get more hands-on time with the tools themselves.

The workshop is held in person at my Fredonia, Wisconsin copper shop. It includes snacks and refreshments, two catered meals, and dinner out with me!

Class Dates:  Wednesday October 2 & Thursday October 3, 2024

What You Learn:

Review of tools used and needed and how to use them (and you get to practice!)

How to build custom patterns of cones and straight-sided vessels

Find the frustum of a cone

Build your own designs from start to finish - using all the vintage and modern tools you need to do so!

Soldering 101

Tinning in the flat

Tinning your built pieces

Seam work, plus some blacksmithing as needed for handles and bails

What You Take Home:

A review booklet with all the information from the class for later study/use

Some of my own patterns for future use

Your own new custom patterns for future use

Your custom built items


Additional Amenities:

All-day refreshments: coffee, tea, water, light snacks

Catered Lunches both days

Dinner and drinks with me on Oct 2nd.

Class Size Limit: Up to 5 people

**Once you sign up for the class, we'll be in direct contact in the ensuing weeks. If you're traveling from outside Wisconsin, or don't live close, I'll also be sending you a bunch of information about travel details, hotel options, places to eat, and things to do/see. 

Cancellation Policy:

Classes are fully refundable until 3 months before the start date. After that, up to six weeks prior to the event, you will receive 50% back of your purchase. Any cancellations six weeks or less before the event will result in a reimbursement of 25%. You may wish to consider purchasing your own travel insurance within 21 days after purchasing a workshop to recover most/all of your expenses in light of unforeseeable circumstances.


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